Sod getting ready to be installed on the lawn

A lush lawn is yours for the asking

Get the thick, green carpet of grass that you have always envied with a new lawn installation from the experts with Indian Wells Landscaping.

Don’t waste time waiting for the grass to grow

Are you tired of planting grass seed only to do battle with weeds and bare spots? Trust the experts with Indian Wells Landscaping to get you the lawn you want. A variety of effective techniques are offered to produce the lawn of your dreams including:

  • Sod installation
  • Seeding
  • Hydro-mulch
  • Dirt work preparation
Man hydro seeding on the backyard

Why should I consider hydro-mulching?

With top notch hydro-mulching services from Indian Wells Landscaping, you’ll see fast grass germination even in tough spots like hillsides and sloping lawns.

Hydro –mulching also offers superior protection against erosion and the fertilizer included in the process promotes the growth of healthy grass for years to come.


Seeds getting ready to be spread on the lawn

Affordable landscaping services.


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